30 week Acoustic Guitar Building Course

This course offer a hands on and step by step approach with the emphasis on you being able to carry out the majority of the work to your best ability in Mike Hobbs fully fitted workshops. For acoustic guitars you will learn the following skills

  • Sharpening and use of tools
  • Thicknessing woods to fine tolerances
  • Bending wood to required shape using bending iron method or heat blanket method.
  • Jointing and book-matching wood for front and back
  • Tap tuning woods for optimum acoustic sound
  • Bracing the internals and their function
  • Rosette design
  • Edge decoration and design
  • Neck joint fitting
  • Truss rod fitting
  • Head shapes and neck profiling
  • Fingerboard and fret position marking and cutting
  • Fretting
  • Making bridges and their importance
  • Wood preparation prior to finishing
  • Applying protective finish
  • Setting the instrument to play

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